Seven & The White Hart

What we did

Required a refreshed brand identity and a digital footprint to present itself as, ‘the place to be’ for eating and drinking in the local area.
Seven & The White Hart is a renowned dining and hospitality establishment located in the heart of Derbyshire. Seven is the contemporary fine-dining restaurant, while The White Hart is a historic and charming pub, each with its unique charm and character. Our primary objective was to preserve the rich legacy of both establishments while giving them a modern and attractive edge. The goal was to elevate their brands and create a cohesive, appealing image across various digital platforms. The refreshed branding maintains the form of both venues original logos while giving them a fresh and appealing look. A clean and user-friendly website was created to provide a seamless digital experience for customers. The website includes features such as online reservations integration with ResDiary and showcases the menus offerings. We manage their social media accounts, ensuring consistent, engaging, and visually captivating content. Regular updates, promotions, and interactive posts have helped increase brand visibility and customer engagement. High-quality photography and videography services were applied to capture the ambience, dishes, and special events at both. This visually appealing content was used for social media, the website, and promotional materials. As a retainer client, we continue to manage social media and maintain the website. This ongoing support ensures that the brand maintains a strong online presence and remains engaging and attractive to both long-time patrons and new customers.
Brand Strategy
Creative Direction
Design guide
Logo design
Social Media
UX design
UI design
Website Design
Website development

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"They still manage our accounts today..."

Campbell Salloway


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